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Our mission

Transform the construction and design industry by making it more comfortable for customers, employees and people around the world.


We are BIM Leaders


History of BIM Leaders LTD:

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Our story began in 2014 when the constant search for new progressive solutions in the field of architecture and engineering led us to an in-depth study of 3D modeling technology using BIM. At that time, we were first-movers in this area, but we still believed in the strength of the team and the potential of BIM.

2 chapter

Help others

Help others

After a long and hard work, we became true professionals in our field and decided to help other companies to implement and effectively use BIM technologies. The main task was to create an area where everyone works together and for the same purpose. To do this, all employees must be fully engaged in the process, have knowledge and skills in BIM, and desire to develop.

3 chapter

Bim Leaders started

Bim Leaders started

Through trials, errors, and constant learning, we came to an integrated approach and thoughtful usage of BIM products. We independently trained our first employees, as there were almost no professionals in this area. Having assembled a dedicated team of professionals and implemented the first projects for customers, we noticed that the attitude of customers towards BIM and Revit has changed. It meant we were on the right track.

4 chapter

Bim Leaders now

Bim Leaders now

BIM Leaders LTD started to provide superposition and coordination services. We have proven that the innovative 3D system is effective in large-scale projects such as residential buildings, shopping malls, schools, elderly houses, metro station lines, theatres, office buildings, underground parking lots, and many others. This was our first big win.

The ultimate goal was achieved - BIM Leaders (we) started applying BIM technologies at all stages.

At the moment, we are the very first and one of the largest companies that train and create project teams based on Israel standards.


Our leadership

  • Tatyana Gotsulenko
  • Alex Zatulsky
  • Pavlo Pylypchuk
  • Tetiana Volchenko
  • Viktoriia Pihol
    Business Development Manager
  • Kostiantyn Barashkin
    Head of –źrchitectural Department
  • Denis Dautov
    Head of Oil and Gas Department
  • Mykola Yarynovskyi
    Team Lead of Oil and Gas department
  • Kateryna Romanyuk
    Lead Architect
  • Valerii Fokin
    Lead Architect
  • Yuliia Savina
    Lead Architect
  • Oleksandr Yevseenko
    Lead MEP Engineer



Become the most efficient and bright representative of BIM technology in the world


Build a strong self-learning and constantly developing corporation, where every employee gets better and more progressive every day


Our philosophy

  • Create a comfortable, healthy and productive environment for the company's employees and constantly invest in their development
  • With the help of media resources, the strongest community around BIM technology
  • Transform the construction and design industry by making it more comfortable for customers, employees and people around the world