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Працюючи на посаді Lead Engineer в BIM Leaders вже більше 3-х років, я з впевненістю можу сказати, що це одна з найкращих компаній в якій мені доводилося працювати. Культура компанії хороша, всі працівники дружні та можуть підтримати в будь якій ситуації. Менеджмент дуже досвідчений і створює середовище, яке заохочує професійне зростання та розвиток. Однією з речей, які я найбільше ціную в BIM Leaders, є зосередженість на інноваціях і передових технологіях. Компанія постійно шукає нові можливості і завжди готова підтримати ініціативи працівника. Баланс між роботою та особистим життям в BIM Leaders чудовий, з гнучким графіком і широкими можливостями для віддаленої роботи. Фінансова складова є конкурентоспроможною і компанія надає постійні можливості для навчання та розвитку. Загалом BIM Leaders це чудове місце для роботи і я радий бути частиною такої динамічної та далекоглядної команди.
Работаю в компании BIM Leaders больше одного года, на должности инженер по внутридомовым коммуникациям MEP. Компанию нахожу как достаточно перспективную, конкурентную и интеллектуально прогрессивной. При разработке наших проектов мы стараемся использовать только современные инструменты (ПО) доступные на рынке. Для своих заказчиков и проектов компания старается привлекать, и привлекает, в свой штат только высоко-профессиональных специалистов своего дела, с высокой степенью ответственности и набором необходимых компетенций. Компания стремится стать лидером в своей сфере и в своей части глобального рынка, и именно этот фактор стал основополагающим для меня при выборе компании для заложения фундамента своей карьеры!
As an engineer working in the design department of BIM Leaders, I am thrilled to be a part of a team that is leading the way in Building Information Modeling (BIM). First of all, the structural engineering team at BIM Leaders is made up of some of the most talented and creative individuals I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Everyone brings their own unique perspective to the table, and the collaboration that takes place during projects is truly inspiring. It's amazing to see how everyone's contributions come together to create truly stunning models and constructions. One of the things I love about BIM Leaders is their commitment to using the latest technology to improve our work. Revit is the primary tool we use for designing housing, shopping centers,hotels, etc. and it has completely transformed the way we work. The level of detail and accuracy we can achieve using Revit is incredible, and it allows us to work collaboratively with other teams in a way that was never possible before. The company provides extensive training and support for its employees, which has been invaluable in helping me develop my skills and become a more effective engineer. The leadership team is always open to new ideas and encourages us to push the boundaries of what's possible in our work. The company also invests heavily in its employees, providing opportunities for training and development to help us grow both personally and professionally. I've learned so much during my time here and have been able to hone my skills in ways that I never thought possible. But what really sets BIM Leaders apart is the culture. Everyone here is so passionate about what they do, and it shows in the work we produce. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this incredible team and to work on projects that are truly making a difference in people's lives. If you're looking for a company where you can grow as a structural engineer and make a real impact, look no further than BIM Leaders
I've been working with BIM Leaders LTD for more than 4 years and had a chance to observe a qualitative development of services provided by the company and an intensive expansion of its workforce. Our CEO is always overwhelmed with ideas about improvement the quality of work and upgrading the whole system for more effective performance on a Client. An ongoing feedback within company and with clients, paired with personal goal-setting for the each employee, has been an essential part of the company since its founding. There is a well-developed organizational structure inside the company, designed for providing our clients with the best service and best product. For an example, team leads work in close collaboration with their direct employees to help obtain and clarify initial tasks, set exact subtasks, coaching, monitoring and checking employees along the workflow for a successful achievement of project goals. The company has also implemented a platform monday.com Work OS as an instrument of projects management, compliance with the deadlines and creation a culture of transparency over a Client. I'd say that BIM Leaders LTD is a constantly developing client-focused company with an intention of improvement its services and employees' skills, career advancement. As evidence of the latter, I'm going to say that passed myself the path from just a trainee without needed proficiency in Revit and with lack of specific knowledges in international collaboration to the lead architect with understanding of global project processes and BIM-designing. At the moment, I'm one of the best team leads working for the company and grateful for that.

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