A school based on our company, where we have developed various courses to teach programs as well as design codes and standards. At this stage, we have developed:

The Revit course, which is divided into two levels:


The beginner level is for people who have no experience in the software but want to start using it in their work. By completing this course, you will be able to work freely in the program, knowing and using all the utilities of the program.


Professional level is for people who actively use Revit, but often have questions that are not easily answered, we can help you do that. In this course you will get acquainted with the advanced functionality of Revit: creating families and templates, using filters, writing and using plugins on different sites, and much more.

A course on the design codes and standards of different countries in areas such as architecture, civil engineering and MEP.

We also use these courses to train our new employees and to upgrade the skills of our existing employees.