We offer this service to calculate the amount of work and materials that are needed to construct the buildings, allowing our clients to calculate the cost of the construction as a whole.

Thanks to the table of required materials, which can even include the brand name and number, the contractor will be able to quickly procure everything he needs. Use BIM Leaders for fast and high-quality construction projects of any complexity.

The specialists use different families in the modelling process. With their help, the model is visualized in exact relation to the real structural elements. This advantage is useful not only for the presentation view of the object, but also for the information content of each element (technical characteristics, dimensions).

The creation of families of structural elements and libraries allows BIM Leaders to speed up and facilitate the execution of the work. With a table of required materials, the contractor can easily procure them, knowing the exact brand, dimensions, colors and detailed characteristics of each building element. Use our full range of services for fast, high-quality construction.