• Creation of a geometric and analytical BIM-model of the building
  • Automated setting of loads, boundary conditions, material properties
  • Export to calculation software that interacts with Revit like Sofistik, Lira, Scad, Robot and others
  • The calculation can be carried out both for the entire building and for a separate floor
  • Ğ¡arrying out calculations of various structures within the framework of one model, which can significantly reduce the risk of errors
  • Analyzing results of deformations, forces in Bars, Stress in Plates and Solids. Determination of loads on fragment, reinforcement in plates, punching shear, reinforcement in Bars
  • Transfer of selected reinforcement from LIRA-SAPR to Revit for the design of reinforced concrete load-bearing slabs, walls, columns and beams
  • Possibility to improve the quality of the BIM-model
  • Reducing the number of collisions due to analytical construction
  • Getting 100% accuracy of the calculation model at any time