BIM Leaders LTD's BIM experts provide a wide range of consulting and advisory services to support your BIM transformation. These include:

  • Development of a customized BIM strategy for your organization in compliance with local or international BIM standards.
  • Validation of key profitability terms and major quality drivers for BIM, and consulting to define the best-fit BIM strategy including roadmap and milestones for your BIM transformation.
  • Assessment of your current technology and I.T setup, provide advice on which BIM technologies will best drive productivity, quality, and profitability.
  • Technical, technological and financial analysis of different BIM ecosystems suitable for your projects such as native Revit (Autodesk) and/or Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), or COBie.
  • Advisory on workflow optimization with BIM and definition of the best organizational setup to achieve required benefits of BIM.
  • Consulting on BIM specifications and requirements for your targets, including Exchange Information Requirement (EIR), BIM Execution Plan (BEP), Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP) and modeling guidelines on Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), and native Revit projects specifically made for your contractual setup and project ecosystems.
  • Advisory and integration of Information and data standards for BIM, especially for Level of Detail (LOD) and Level of Information (LOI), including BIM2FM / BIM2CAFM integration.
  • Building up training and knowledge roadmap, provide advice on training and rollout plans for BIM.