The working process in BIM could be accurate and efficient. To achieve this, automatization and plugins can be used.

We develop Dynamo scripts, using the Python language with minimum leverage of external Dynamo node packs. The result of our work is ready-to-use scripts that don't need any additional extensions. Just input some data into Dynamo Player and hit Run!

Beneath Dynamo, we provide separate Revit add-in creation, which can be run with a separate button from Ribbon tab. We use the WPF platform, which provides flexibility and more modern UI solutions. We design the user interface individually for each customer. Multi-version of Revit is also supported. We provide support and make updates with fixes and functional additions.

With plugins, new tools can be created that are not provided by Revit, but needed for your workflow. You can ask for tools that will check your work, so you can improve your results.

BOOST! Among other things, scripts can make boring work automatically, so you could switch to more creative tasks.